How To Recycle Lanyards

As time goes by, it becomes paramount to seek ways to protect our environment. Hence the need to go for Eco-friendly products or engage in Eco-friendly activities to save the planet. Lanyards are one of those items that you may have one too many of. Attending a series of conferences and events leaves you with a ton including the one you may have from your office. In this article, we will show you the different ways you can recycle your old lanyards. The 3Rs When it comes to saving our environment and recycling old products like the lanyard, it rests on 3 concepts known as the 3Rs– Reduce, recycle, and reuse. First of all, excess lanyards can be reduced or cut short before even thinking of how to recycle them. If you are planning an event, you can consider partnering with the supplier to provide only what you need for the number of persons. You can have them around to provide them and easily take with them any excess on their part. Reusing your old lanyard is a wonderful way to promote Eco-friendliness. You can even as an event manager if you can come to the event with your favorite […]

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