Rubber Bracelets and Support for Causes

In recent times, rubber bracelets have been associated with showing support for different causes. 2004 marked the beginning of this act where a yellow rubber wristband that read ‘LIVESTRONG’ became popular. It was designed for a professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong who survived cancer. You can have rubber bracelets for causes like this made to show support. Race leaders during the Tour de France wore a yellow-coloured jersey which was the major reason for using a yellow coloured wristband. The rubber bracelet was sold for $1 and used as a fundraiser to support cancer patients. Cyclists during thr Tour De France wore rubber bracelets and so was celebrities too. This caused the rubber bracelets to become more popular. Till today, yellow bracelets signify cancer support. Rubber Bracelets For Causes And Colour Specifications Just as initially mentioned, you can customise rubber bracelets for different causes that you want to support. Its affordability, easy use and durable feature make it a perfect fit for creating awareness in support of any cause. These rubber bracelets give companies, groups, NGOs opportunities to have their custom-made wristband using their company colours, arts or designs that signify the cause they are pushing. Rubber bracelets for causes also […]

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