5 Types of Silicone Awareness Bracelets Designs Available in The Market

Silicone Awareness Bracelets are fast becoming a  norm today. From mother’s day celebration to Autism awareness, you can find a bracelet for almost anything. Bracelets are fast becoming both a fashion trend as well as a fashion addition for some people.

Silicone awareness bracelets are relatively very affordable and are often a good way to raise funds. The fine thing about silicone bracelets is that they can be easily crafted for any specific purpose. From the early days of silicone wrist bands from LiveStrong bracelet, the rubber bracelet remain a great way to raise funds for specific projects. Today, the design of these bracelets has continued to evolve. Below are the five types of designs of the silicone awareness bracelets available in the market today.

#1: Debossed Silicone Design

Debossed silicone awareness wrist bands are very common sights today. The design involves engraving the custom text or symbol into the silicone. In other words, it uses an inner compression to create the custom design. The design maintains the solid color of the bands, while the engraving makes the brand stand out. For those who love to keep a simple look, the debossed silicone design is a  nice idea for silicone awareness bracelets.

#2: Embossed Silicone Awareness Bracelet Design

Embossed silicone awareness bracelets are not as common as the other designs. They are exceptionally classy and adds some elegance to your appearance. For those who love to spice up their dressing with bracelets, the embossed bracelet will complete your looks. In the case of embossed bracelets, the engravings are raised and stand out bold. Embossed bracelet designs are ideal for names, ideas, or for preserving the memory of a place or something special. You can choose from different colors and font styles to match your personality. You can also customize your designs, just the way you like them.

#3: Ink Injected Silicone Awareness Bracelet Design

Ink injected silicone awareness bracelet designs are exceptionally beautiful and stand out very easily. The process of manufacturing these bracelets involve engraving and injecting the bracelet with ink. The design may be debossed alone or a combination of both emboss and deboss to create beautiful designs. Most brands and companies use this kind of awareness bracelets to market their brand. They also make a good fashion statement since they can easily be spotted from a distance.  

#4: Silk Screen Printed Awareness Bracelet Design

The most common bracelets available today are silkscreen printed designs. They are easy to produce and serves the purpose of creating awareness quite well. All you need to do is pick a color of your choice and slap on a custom design on it and you are good to go. Silkscreen printed bracelets do not require engraving.  

#5: Color Coated Awareness Bracelet Design  

The color-coated silicone bracelet consists of two layers, the inner and the outer layer. The outer layer is then engraved to reveal the color of the inner layer. Color coated awareness bracelet designs are cool for those who wish to fly their corporate colors.

Combining more than one silicone bracelet can create a strong fashion statement for those who are fashion cautious.  

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