A Quick Guide on What Multi-color Silicone Wristbands are Used for?

A Quick Guide on What Multi-color Silicone Wristbands are Used for?

We all know that what custom wristbands are and for what purpose you can use those bracelets. Well these multi-color silicone wristbands are best to show off the interests, style and the personality in a complete different manner. But not all of the wristbands are same because they do vary in terms of the sizes. If you are really looking for the silicone wristbands, you should find something which falls in accordance to the sizing of your wrist and lasts for the longer time.

What are Silicone Wristbands?

Discussing about the silicone rubber wristbands, they work as the ideal material which you can find in bracelets or even in the household objects. Silicone is generally made when the quartz are all boiled down to the powdered silicone. It is later on mixed with the oxygen or few other elements for creating the synthetic polymer that is 100% safe, convenient, and is highly durable.

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Why Silicone is best Material for Bracelets?

You might have seen numerous multi-color silicone wristbands, but the question is why silicone is the best material! Silicone rubber is yet non-toxic and they are hypoallergenic which won’t be causing any sort of health hazards. Hence, they do have the properties which make it turn out to be resistant over the heat, sun, corrosion, as well as chemicals, moisture, and for the growth of bacteria. Plus, the silicone is also better for the whole environment as compared to plastic and you can easily recycle it.

For how long the silicone can stay lasting?

We all know that rubber is the tough material and hence it can easily withstand any sort of pressure from the daily wear and tear. The average lasting time period of the silicone wristband is around 2 years. For the lasting time usage, you should avoid wearing the wristband while going to sleep or at the time of shower.

What size of silicone wristband is best for you to get?

When you plan to choose any silicone bracelet, make sure that you find something which fits in your right sizing. And for that sake, measure your size of wrist and then look at the wristband measurement chart for the secure fitting.

For the accurate measurement, take the piece of small string and simply measure it with the ruler or the tape. Wrap the whole string around the wrist and then snug fit it by marking it at where the string actually falls. Line up the string with ruler or you can measure it with tape for getting the correct wrist size.

Silicone wristbands are available in four different sizes available as:

  • Small: 5.9”/160 mm
  • Medium: 7.1”/180 mm
  • Large: 7.9”/202 mm
  • Extra-large: 8.66”/220 mm

Large is the standard size. Medium is for the older kids and small is for the kids under the age group of 5 years old. When taking the measurement, make sure that the wristband is not too much tight. It should get fitted on to your wristband without disturbing your wrist or causing any sort of scratch or harm.

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