How You Can Design Custom Slap on Bracelet?

There was a time when slap bracelets were known to be the most popular fashion statement among the teen. If we define the custom slap on bracelet, then it is generally known as the flat strip which is slapped over the cylindrical object and is also wrapped all around the main object. They are also known as slap wraps or slap bands.

History of Custom Slap on Bracelets

The use of slap bracelet become so much common in 1983 in the US as it was introduced by American Stuart Anders who was a high school teacher at the time. They were made out of bistable spring which is stainless for letting both the strengthening and curling stay in one place. The steel material used is very much similar to the one which you find in the metal tape measure.

rubber slap bracelet

Due to the fascinating ability and being affordable, they become so much popular among the teenagers and kids of the US in the mid-1990s. You can wear them comfortably around the ankles or the wrist areas. Hence they are also covered with plastic fabric which you can use for decorating the band and covering the sharper edges of internal steel. This will allow for the pattern range and unlimited coloration. Some of the schools banned the use of slap custom bracelets because it was a cause of distraction for the kids.

What is The Main Purpose of Custom Slap Bracelets?

They have been used for securing the trousers around the legs at the time of bike riding. It is also used by the pedestrians during the night time cycling for extra safety.

silicone slap bracelet

How You Can Design DIY Slap Bracelet?

For designing DIY custom slap bracelets, you need the below supplies:

  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • duct tape in various colors
  • glue sealer
  • acrylic paint in various colors
  • stickers and few more decorations

Now let’s discuss the step by step tutorial guide below:

  1. First of all, you have to cut the strips by measuring them with tape. The overall measurement of the tape will be based on your requirements and dimensions. You have to trim both the rounded edges at the endpoint for the measurement of the strips. Now you have to roll back it until it does not form the shape of a circle. As much you will work with the tape measure, the more it will look malleable.
  2. Now as you achieved the desired shape, you have to apply the strip of the duct tape at a few inches larger than the tape measure strip bracelet.
  3. As you are done with it, you have to personalize it with the paint and then add some embellishments of glitter and stickers on it. This is how you can decorate your whole custom bracelet. Let the paint get dry first and then you have to apply the layer of a glue sealer. 2 layers are enough. Allow it to get dry completely.
  4. In the end, you have to wrap the edges of your duct tape all around the tape measure strip. Cut down with another small strip of duct tape to simply adhere to the back. You have to make sure that the rounded edges are trimmed.

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