Rubber Wristbands: What You Need To Know

Wristbands have become one of the most popular clothing accessories not just because of their flexibility in design but because of their many uses. The fact that they can be customized into any design and color to suit any purpose gives it an added advantage.  Some of these added advantages include that they can be used for awareness on any cause or event.  

What is a Design Your Rubber Bracelets On Your Own?    


Custom rubber wristbands, also called custom rubber bracelets, are clothing accessories worn on the wrist majorly for beautification but have a whole lot of other uses. Rubber wristbands are also called rubber bangles, or baller bands by some people. The thickness of rubber wristbands are dependent on the design and the purpose they are being made for, however, it is usually 0.1 inches or more. This standard measurement of 0.1 is to ensure flexibility and make it easy to wear.

What Are Rubber Wristbands Used For?

Due to the flexible nature of rubber wristbands and their customisable ability, it has found itself in many uses across the globe. In the past, they were used to raise support for various causes, to bring people into the awareness of a particular cause.

Here are some of how rubber bracelets can be used;

  1. Charities
  2. Political Awareness
  3. Sports
  4. Promotional Uses  
  5. School Events
  6. Community Needs, etc.

The lists above are some of the many ways and situations in which rubber bracelets can come in handy.

  1. Charities: Some charity organizations use these rubber bracelets to show people that NGOs support causes that help the society at large or improve the standard of living. It could be to promote campaigns against cancer, or a fundraiser for projects like providing clean water for communities, building more hospitals, equipping the hospitals, feeding starving children, etc.
  2. Political Awareness:Political parties use rubber wristbands during campaigns to increase their visibility. The custom rubber bracelets can be designed with their party colors and symbols. It can also have the name of the candidate and the position he is running for. These wristbands can be used in both local and national elections.
  3. Sports: Just as wristbands are used in political campaigns, they can also be largely used in sports. Whether wearing the wristbands to show that you are supporting a team during a game. Fans of an international or local sports team can also wear wristbands made with the colours of their favourite team to show their support and to promote the team’s visibility.
  4. Promotional Uses: Companies may need something to remind their customers of their brand and that is where a rubber wristband comes in handy. That can print it to promote their brand, or a new offer or product. It can be given to customers as giveaways in addition to specific things that they have bought.
  5. School Events: Schools can have these wristbands for different reasons ranging from fundraising, raising awareness or showing support for a member of the school who may be fighting a terminal illness. Also, it can be used as entrance tickets to some of these school events like proms, PTA meetings, fundraising parties, etc.
  6. Community Needs:Local communities and their organizations may use these rubber bracelets to raise funds for the many projects they have for the year. It can be sold as tickets to these events and be used to raise awareness for social causes affecting the communities.

Where to Order Custom Rubber Wristbands.

Due to the presence of the internet things have been made easier as you can find a lot of rubber wristbands making companies online with seamless operation and service. And just as there are a lot of genuine wristband makers, so also there are some who may not give you exactly what you want and the quality you deserve.

Amongst all of these, Speed Wristband is one of the leading wristband companies. Their site is easy to navigate and you can choose exactly the kind of design you want for your custom rubber wristband. Ranging from embossed design, debossed, glow-in-the-dark, ordinary printed, etc. The best of it is that there is no minimum order.


Due to the flexibility of custom rubber bracelets, their uses can cut across different occasions and purposes. Yet it is still inexpensive and can meet your budget. So when you need to promote an event and you are looking for the most effective promotional tool, do consider customizing rubber wristbands as they are effective indeed.

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