Why People Buy Rubber Bracelets In Bulk

Custom Rubber Wristbands In Bulk

Commonly known as Silicone bracelets, rubber wristbands have been trending for the last two decades for several reasons. Usually, individuals and organizations buy or produce these rubber wristbands in bulk for various causes, fundraisers, events, and charities. The increasing popularity of this accessory is due to its low cost of production making it the most ideal way to support different drives without spending a fortune. Additionally, they can get produced in various colors, designs, and styles to suit everyone. For these reasons, they have become popular and more uses have gotten invented. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about silicone wristbands.

Types of Rubber Wristbands

There are several types of silicone wristband which usually differ from one another based on the method used to engrave the personalized text.

1. Debossed

The Debossed silicone wristbands involve engraving text into the surface using laser carving. For this reason, they are the most economical rubber wristbands to produce in bulk.  Laser carving makes the accessories more durable.

2. Embossed

The text for the embossed bracelets gives it a 3D effect since the text gets printed on the surface, unlike the debossed ones which get printed into the surface.

3. Deboss- Ink

The accessories are similar to debossed wristbands with the addition of ink in the engraved text. The type gets perceived as a hybrid as the ink, usually a different color from that of the wristband, makes it look more outstanding. The design is more durable than the former.

4. Figured

Figured wristbands have a special design at the center. Usually, the special logo gets printed in the central space. Usually, organizations use this type to incorporate their logos and spell their name.

5. Dual-layer

As the name suggests, this type has an inner and outer layer. Both layers have contrasting colors, which makes them more beautiful. For this reason, it is the most trending accessory.

6. Emboss-printed

The design is similar to that of the embossed type. The only difference is that these bracelets prints the 3D text with an ink of a different color from that of the silicon material.

7. Imprinted

The simplest to print and most cost-effective type of rubber bracelets to produce in bulk. It involves direct printing of the text on the surface using a different color of ink.

Reasons Why People Buy Rubber Bracelets In Bulk

1. Cost

One of the most apparent reasons for bulk buying of rubber wristbands is low cost. Like any other goods, buying in large quantities costs less. This is because the cost of bulk production is also less compared to molding a single bracelet.

2. Function

People purchase rubber wristbands in bulk for functions involving a large number of people. For instance, the Livestrong campaign has used over 8 million pieces to educate people on cancer and fund research for the same. Charity, organizational and movements too purchase silicone bracelets in bulk to sell or distribute to the masses to raise funds and sell their brand.

3. Uniformity

Buying silicone bracelets in bulk promotes uniformity. By doing so, people get to spot the specific color and design of the accessory, therefore giving it attention and find out the motive of wearing them. In short, the uniformity makes the statement, which is usually attracting attention.

figured silicone bracelets

 figured silicon bracelets.

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