Why you Need a Custom Cancer Support Wristband

The feelings that come along with Cancer is disturbing to both patient, care givers, families and friends as well. The emotions can be overwhelming for the patient and they would therefore need all the support they can get. This is to enable them to get through it all and be able to manage their emotions.

Friends and families can come in at this point to support the patient and one of theys to do this is by wearing a unique custom cancer support wristband.

Imagine if all the patient’s family members show up each time in the hospital room wearing the same wristband with either the same or different words of encouragement.

Why a Custom Cancer Support Wristband is necessary

Our little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can go a long way in helping some cancer patients see a reason to fight and survive cancer.

Here are a few reasons or roles of a personalized cancer support bracelet;

  1. Encouragement
  2. Awareness
  3. Health Improvement

The following are the reasons you should order a custom cancer support bracelet;

  1. Encouragement: Cancer patients need to feel that they are not alone in this journey. Sometimes they can feel depressed, angry, alone, anxious, and all manner of emotions overwhelm them. Most times, their feelings stem from not knowing if they would survive cancer or if they could lose their lives. To help them manage these emotions, families can order custom cancer support wristbands as a reminder to their love and unwavering support to all cancer patients, especially their own. The wristbands can have several quotes attached to it. It could be as little as an encouragement note. The patient can have his alongside other family members. An important point to note is that, for different kinds of cancers, there are various colors that signify each one, and these would be considered when making your order.
  2. Awareness: A lot of sensitization still needs to be done about Cancer, it’s causes, prevention, and how to survive. Surviving cancer is a great deal and the mere diagnosis of it can throw some patients into depression. On that note, awareness programs on fighting it should be encouraged to a great deal. A support wristband comes in handy in times like this. Some quotes that cancer wristbands can have include; Cancer sucks, Survivor, find a cure, Strength, etc. This helps more people to come to the awareness and consciousness of the dangers of cancer.
  3. Health Improvement: Surviving cancer does not only entail the physical fight but a lot of mental work goes into it as well. The mental health of patients is as important as their physical health. Our body tends to respond to our willingness to go through something. And once our mind is defeated, the physical fight is as good as over. So achieving a stable mental health is done through the support and encouragement cancer patients get from their families, friends, and other support groups. A custom support wristband is one-way to improve their mental health. Reason is because they feel accepted and stronger and have more reasons to fight this cancer.

Custom Cancer Support Wristband Designs and Styles

Just as there are different kinds of cancer that affect the human body so also there are colors that represent each type of cancer. The designs can be embossed, debossed, ordinarily printed, glow in the dark, etc. Then the letters and various fonts can be chosen per how you want it to be. Lastly you can choose any color you want depending on the type of cancer that you are campaigning against.


Why you Need a Custom Cancer Support Wristband


The various colors for different cancers are listed below;

Thyroid / Colon Cancer – Royal Blue

Bladder / Bone Cancer – Yellow

Breast Cancer – Pink

Childhood Cancer – Gold

Cervical / Ovarian Cancer – Teal

Lymph Nodes Cancer – Lime Green

Liver Cancer – Green

Esophageal / Stomach Cancer – Periwinkle

Testicular Cancer – Smoked Orchid

Lung Cancer – White

Brain Cancer – Gunmetal Gray

Skin Cancer – Black

Pancreatic Cancer – Purple

Prostate Cancer – Light Blue

Uterine Cancer – Peach

Kidney / Leukemia Cancer – Orange


Cancer patients deserves all the love and support they can get. Cancer is a life threatening disease capable of first endangering the mental health of patients before even taking their life if not will managed on time. The least you can do is show them that you are with them though thick and thin and that you will support them any tie and any day. Just as earlier mentioned, ordering a support wristband from Speed Wristbands will help you achieve this goal.

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