10 Amazing Uses Of Lanyards In Our Everyday Life

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Due to the versatility of lanyards, they have become quite popular. There are many ways you can make your life easier using a lanyard. You probably didn’t know before.

In this article, we will be showing you the many ways you can use a lanyard.

You may have a few lanyards around your home, and you didn’t know how useful they would be for you.

What is a lanyard?

 A lanyard is an accessory that can be worn over the neck, or waist. It is known for its functionality in holding items.

Lanyards are designed in a loop-like manner with a clip attached at the end for holding items like ID cards, keys, etc.

Top 5 Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards have many useful benefits that make them a must-have in every home or almost any situation or environment.

Here are the top 5 uses of lanyards;

  1. In sports and athletics
  2. Medals and awards
  3. Conferences
  4. Staff ID
  5. Visitors ID

Sports and Athletics.

Lanyards are used especially in sports and athletics. Have you noticed how a sports coach wears his whistle during a match? Imagine if he has to keep holding his whistle in his hand all the time during the match, how is he supposed to concentrate on what is being played?

Apart from holding their whistles, another way sports coaches can make the most of lanyards is by using them to hold their water bottles. They can also use it to organize Conferences

Athletes at any level do not grow past making good lanyards. School athletes use this as a form of accountability while they are representing their school. Wearing a fully branded school lanyard is enough to keep them in their best behaviours.

Professional athletes are not also left out. Before an event, athletes may not know one another, but with the branded lanyard they can easily identify each other.

Medals and awards

 Are you planning an event and you have to give out awards? Awards can be expensive but lanyards offer you more for less. You can order brightly coloured lanyards with beautiful designs to hold medals for recognition. It would still stand out to achieve its purpose.

Meanwhile, think about it. If you make lanyards for identification in the event and every participant gets a lanyard – you’ve automatically gotten your brand visible to a lot of people when they wear the lanyard out.


If you organize conferences, lanyards are a great way to step up your marketing strategy and overall conference experience.

With the different categories of people in attendance at conferences, it would make sense if you categorised them using colour-coded lanyards. Your team wouldn’t have trouble identifying anyone and where each person belongs. Not just that, conference attendees themselves would also find it easy to ask questions to the relevant persons, and can easily locate who the main speakers, staff, etc.

Checking into the conference venue would be a lot easier with each person being registered where he should be.

Staff ID

Staff IDs made with beautiful attention-grabbing lanyards will make it easier to maintain security. You can also get personalised colours that you and your team can use.

While making orders for your lanyards, remember that employee lanyards do not need to have very high designs. The most important aspect is the colour code you choose for a particular department, once you have that ready, then your lanyard is already looking beautiful.

Staff IDs make it easier to network faster in a job environment. You can easily spot what one does or is doing as soon as you see their lanyard.

Lanyards for staff ID are made with clear font and the company logo branded on them. Worthy of note is that you will low-key be advertising your brand once your staff members wear the lanyard outside the office.

Visitor ID.

Some visitors tend to visit a place only to relax and act like the original inhabitants. A tag which is issued to visitors will go a long way toward maintaining security within the organisation.

With the help of the lanyard, the visitor’s tag would be seen. It can be made to have a certain colour for the visitors or the major means o ID for visitors would just be on the tag.

Either way, the lanyard makes

it easily accessible and obvious. Having visitors wear their badge or tag makes it easy to spot who should not be in the vicinity.


Lanyards are also useful for mountain climbers. They use it to hold some of their items such as compass, maps or other small items. Mountain climbers can attach lanyards to their belts to safeguard some of these things to avoid losing them.

Losing any equipment during this time may cause a death situation especially if you were climbing above someone.


Lanyards indeed have many uses that you probably didn’t know or haven’t found out yet.

As much as there are many uses for this, so also the design shows slight differences which is why you must decide what you need one for before purchasing it.

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