5 Important Tips To Consider When Choosing The Right Lanyards For You

5 Important Tips To Consider When Choosing The Right Lanyards For You

Lanyards are highly important accessories that help us in many different ways when it comes to comfortably and convenience.

Because it is also cost-effective and can serve multiple uses.

They are designed to ensure that your cards and other forms of identity are visible all the time. It ensures that you feel safe, confident and comfortable while showcasing your business ID cards. These lanyards are made from different materials as well as different styles and look.

You get to choose which style and color best fits you.

Due to the high demand for lanyards among businessmen, event planners, companies, and students, it is easy to get a low-quality one which will not serve its use effectively. However, to help you get over this problem, we have written in this article about how you can select the best lanyards for your purpose.

We will share with you five(5) important tips to consider when choosing a lanyard. Here is the list;

  1. Purpose
  2. Safety
  3. Convenience
  4. Style
  5. Material

5 Important Tips To Consider When Choosing The Right Lanyards For You


Why are you getting the lanyard? For whom are you getting it? How long will they be using it? 2 years or more? Are they all male or female? What will they be needing it for? All of these questions are important in helping you make a good choice.

A promotional lanyard would never be the same as that of an office employee or a student. Promotional fliers are designed solely to market the brand and nothing more. Hence this would reflect in the design. The brand or company would be printed on the lanyard for people to see. It would also reflect on the kind of material used to make the lanyard.

Let’s take for example a healthcare worker – a nurse to be precise would prefer a break-away lanyard to a non-breakaway lanyard for reasons of safety. But an office worker will not need that type because it will not be completely necessary though you can still include the style.


When deciding on which lanyard to get, safety is the most important factor to consider especially if you work in a hazardous environment. There are two categories of lanyards you should consider and they are; break-away lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards.

Break-away lanyards are lanyards which can easily give way and break when pulled or grabbed by something. Whereas none break-away lanyards would impose theorist I choking you if something holds your lanyard.

It is advisable to get break-away lanyards especially if you are in a dangerous environment. If something pulls the lanyard, instead of getting choked or hurt the layers would break and fall instead. So this is something you should look out for when choosing your lanyard.


When choosing a lanyard another important factor you should consider is convenience. This is usually affected by how the attachment suits your identity card or tag. There are several options to work the finishing of a lanyard in the attachment point.

You can have the swivel hooks, badge reels, cell phone hooks, badge clips and swivel hooks.

With the hook type, you can be sure of securely attaching your ID.

You can also use the clip-on. This type allows you to clip your id. The flip side remains that you may lose your ID so you have to be careful carrying it while discharging your duties. The pro aide to it is that if you don’t need so many accessories on your neck it would be beneficial.


Style is another factor to consider when purchasing a lanyard. What do you want? How do you want your lanyard to hold your ID? What kind of design do you want it to have? These are important specifics you should look at. We have round braid and flat braid lanyards. There are also environmentally-friendly ones that can be in either recycled plastic or bamboo.

These lanyards are manufactured based on their purpose and the personality of the person wearing them. So you can always choose what suits your personality and what you like. Lanyards usually have a length of 36 inches and are about ⅜” in width.


Lanyards are made from nylon and polyester. This is because they are lightweight, easy to maintain and durable. They can easily resist mould and are not easily stretched or shrunk because of their durability.

There are also those made from cotton strands. You can have it plain made as a twill ribbon or embroidered and then have your choice of colours woven into the lanyard.

There are those made from bamboo and are strong and durable. This fits perfectly with events that are about promoting eco-friendliness.


Lanyards are important accessories that you must choose correctly the best one you need when you decide to go for one.  The above listed are the key features you would consider when getting a lanyard.

They say that variety is the spice of life. For every step in what you want to do, there are usually more options for us. All you need is to make an informed choice to get the best of what you need. This is why we have made it easier for you when it comes to select the best lanyard for you.

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