Plain Rubber Wristbands Vs Custom Rubber Wristbands: which is more effective

Plain Rubber Wristbands Vs Custom Rubber Wristbands

Rubber wristbands are widely known for their numerous benefits and use. Ranging from being a fashion accessory to being used as a tool to support causes that concern humanity down to being used at events for security and identification.

Identifying the effectiveness of the rubber wristband as regards whether it is a plain rubber wristband or it is a custom rubber wristband will depend solely on what is to be used for.

Meanwhile, if you need a wristband as a fashion accessory and you are yet to decide whether to purchase a custom rubber wristband or plain rubber wristbands depends on choice. You will need to review your reasons for wanting a wristband before you can make the best decision.  

Before we go deeper into the features, uses and differences between them both, we should first introduce what the concepts mean.

What Are Plain Rubber Wristbands?

Plain rubber wristbands are rubber wristbands without any lettering, clipart, logo or design. It is just completely plain and smooth. Just like any other wristband, it is durable, cost-effective for any use and has the same texture as other rubber wristbands.

What Are Custom Rubber Wristbands?

Custom rubber wristbands are plain wristbands that have been designed according to the client’s specifications. They can have the client’s logo, personalised message or text, or wristband design imprinted on the plain rubber wristband colour of their choice.

Plain Rubber Wristbands Vs Custom Rubber Wristbands: which is more effective

Each of these wristbands has its uses and more prominent benefits. However, for some persons, they would go with a plain rubber wristband anytime any day. Even if they need something different, they would rather choose their favourite colour, whiles some people would prefer a custom wristband because they would love to have a personal touch to it.

Plain Rubber Wristbands: The major differentiation of plain rubber wristbands for various causes is in the colour differences. The various colours are used to identify with different causes. Red can mean support for HIV/AIDS. Yellow represents support for cancer, same with other colours and their various causes significance.

Plain rubber wrist bands can be used for sorting and projects that need to be categorised. For example, you may want to co-ordinate a class according to colours.

Also, they can be used in events for security and identification. Where there are different levels and categories of attendees who need to be treated differently or identified for a purpose, a plain wristband with a particular colour can be used to do this.

Just as custom rubber wristbands, plain wristbands can also be used to support causes with unique colours. For example during campaigns in support of causes such as ‘black lives matter’, plain rubber wristbands with colours that represent this cause can be worn by all concerned.

A group can also choose any random colour to be worn by participants to mark whatever they were campaigning for.

Plain runner wristband is as effective as any other wristband and is also highly cost-effective.

Custom Rubber Wristbands:

Making custom wristbands starts with having a plain wristband on which the personalised designs are created.

Custom rubber wristbands are also highly effective when it comes to playing the roles for which it was purchased. However, custom bracelets can have styles as embossed, debossed, glow-in-the-dark, laser engraved, printed etc.

These various styles of custom rubber wristbands can be created depending on what you want and the personalised message or design imprinted on the plain rubber wristband. Embossed rubber bracelets, for example, are good for sight-impaired individuals who learn to use braille. It is so because the letters or design can be felt with the hand while feeling the wristband since they are slightly raised above the band. The other styles can also be preferred based on choice and fashion taste.


To conclude the topic above, we would need a more specific approach since wristbands are required for multi-purpose. A feature sets it apart and distinguished. Both plain rubber wristbands and custom rubber wristbands are highly effective for the particular needs and purposes they are to serve. So you can order for any of them and in whatever style you want them, from your number one wristband making company, Speed wristbands.

At Speed Wristbands, we ensure that you get the quality you deserve with good customer service and excellent delivery.

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