Wristbands vs Armbands: Meaning and Uses

Wristbands vs Armbands: Meaning and Uses The difference between a wristband and an arm band is not a very straight line.  Most times wristbands are usually confused with arm bands as they are both used on the hand. More importantly they can also be used interchangeably  for the same purpose.  The common purpose which y=unifies wristbands and armbands has to do with identification and branding. Both wristbands and armbands can be used as a form of branding or identification. In this article we will explain the differences between a wristband and an armband, talk about where both can be used and they symbolize or material they are made of. What is a wristband? Wristbands are a piece of clothing worn over the wrist with any type of clothing. They are usually used for campaigns, fundraising, fashion, crowd control, etc. Wristbands dated  back to the early Egyptians and were made popular during the 1980s when the queen of pop Madonna donned them in concerts/. After   this   trend they came back to trend in the 1990s and 200s with kids and teens using them solely as fashion materials. In the mid 2000s the yellow Livestrong band was popularized by Lance Armstrong who […]

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How To Wear Wristbands

Just like clothing, getting confused about how to correctly wear wristbands is a common issue that almost everyone who likes wristbands gets to face. Wristbands have multiple uses and their flexible nature makes lots of people wear them wrongly. Starting from wearing the wrong type of wristband, on the wrong hand, or the right way and times to wear it. However, the most common confusion about wearing wristbands is based on the particular hand to wear it. But it is worth knowing that there is no right or wrong way to wear wristbands when it comes to the choice of wrist. Things to know about wearing wristbands correctly  In this article, we will explore the topic by talking about it in three(3) separate subtopics or angles. How to wear wristbands for occasions How to wear wristbands for each gender How to wear wristbands on your wrist How to wear wristbands for occasions/events  Some people make the worst mistake of wearing the wrong wristbands on the wrong occasions. Wristbands have many uses ranging from fashion to campaigns, and social impact. When it comes to fashion, a lot of people miss it. Your wristbands should be selected just the way you pick

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How to Care For Your Wristbands

Do you have a handful of your old wristbands that you do not want to discard but that seems like the only option? Have you been looking for how to care for your wristbands and preserve their beauty long after using them? Worry no more. Caring for your wristband will not take so much from you but will benefit you more in the long run. The flexibility wristbands have made them a most common item used in events. They serve a wide range of purposes, thus are a good fit for several situations such as during campaigns and even hanging out with friends. You don’t have to throw all that beauty away or just stack them up as a pile and watch as they turn into trash. However how you handle them makes all the difference and determines how it lasts for you or how more useful it can be for you. In this article we will share with you tips you can use in caring for your wristbands. How to care for your wristbands and increase their durability Custom wristbands have been used universally as tools for fundraisers, campaigns, promotions and during events, etc. They also pass as souvenirs

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Holiday Wristbands for Events

Are you ready to pick with some colorful and best designs of holiday wristbands for events? Do you want to know which style of the wristband will work best for wearing it on events on your wrist? If yes, then this is the best place for you where we are letting you know about some stylish holiday wristbands which you would love to wear all the time. Why select us? As you will be visiting our Speed wristbands platform you will discover that we are available with versatile patterns of wristbands that are all exclusive to one another. We have the wristbands which are all rubber-free. Plus, you will additionally get latex-free wristbands that are no longer at all allergic to you. Hence there are no such minimal or most orders due to the fact you can area the orders in accordance to your necessities and wish. You can get the wristbands in different varieties from our platform. We have the awareness wristbands as well available in colorful designs. Once you will visit us, you would get fond of visiting us again and again. Visit us now to place your orders! Do we offer a custom debossed ink-filled color wristband? Yes, we

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New Year Bracelets

Be the part of to place your orders for some colorful designs of New Year bracelets! We are right here available for you to give the best designs of the bracelets which you would love to wear all the time. We all know that the use of wristbands is getting extremely common for advertisement purposes. But you will also find that their use has been very much common for the campaigns and awareness purposes too. You will also find its enormous use for brand advertisement purposes or it is commonly found when the participants are wearing it at the concerts. New Year bracelets are available in different designs, shapes, and styles to look for the one which goes according to your requirements. What do we offer in our wristband category? By visiting our platform of Speed Wristbands, you will be finding various types of wristbands which are available for various purposes. We will produce the printed wristbands on a quick basis and will also imprint them on top of the band. All we are aiming for is to provide our customers with incredible customer services. If you have any sort of concern, issue, or question-related to the manufacturing of the

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The Need of Colorful Rubber Bracelet Fundraiser for a Social Cause

Today, you will find millions of people who prefer to wear bracelets and wristbands just to show their concern towards a social cause. Being a responsible citizen, it is extremely important to take part in some social causes and spread awareness among common people. The first wristband which was created for fundraising purposes was the Livestrong wristband for the cancer foundation known as the ‘Lance Armstrong Foundation’. It was founded by Lance Armstrong who was a cancer survivor and a professional cyclist. The color of the very first wristband by Livestrong was Yellow which helped to raise the fund of almost $5 million for this cancer foundation. To date today, almost 70 million Livestrong wristbands had been sold and all of them are made out of silicone material. Use of Rubber Wristbands as a Fundraiser Rubber wristbands which are to be used for the fundraising purpose are known by so many other names. This includes awareness bracelets, or fundraising wrist bands, as well as fundraising silicone bracelets. You can either choose with simple wristbands or you can also opt to make it add up with some printing work which can be printed or embossed with the organization’s name, logo, or

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Here Are 10 Ways How Customized Silicone Wristbands Can Help You

Here Are 10 Ways How Customized Silicone Wristbands Can Help You

What are Customized Silicone Wristbands? As its name suggests that Silicone Wristbands are inexpensive wrist accessories and are hugely popular across the globe.  Everyone loves to wear the silicone bracelets irrespective of age, caste, and creed. Though it was famous across the globe it went viral after well-known cyclist Lance Armstrong started to wear his Customized Silicone Wristbands for awareness. Currently, these cheap custom wristbands are virally popular all across the world. This is because you can customize them and use rubber bracelets for a cause as per your requirements. These wristbands are incredibly versatile bracelets and you can use them in a number of ways. Practically, any color to choose from and embossed or printed with customizable text with the help of RFID technology. Arguably, you can use these wristbands for conveying a particular message by selecting the type, color, and message as per your criteria. Have listened to a number of stories when a student gets missing on a school trip event. In such scenarios, these wrist bands are very helpful and yielding. If students are provided with wristbands with written names, addresses, and contact numbers, missing students can easily rejoin or reunite the rest of the fallows. Marketing and Promotions

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