The Need of Colorful Rubber Bracelet Fundraiser for a Social Cause

Today, you will find millions of people who prefer to wear bracelets and wristbands just to show their concern towards a social cause. Being a responsible citizen, it is extremely important to take part in some social causes and spread awareness among common people.

The first wristband which was created for fundraising purposes was the Livestrong wristband for the cancer foundation known as the ‘Lance Armstrong Foundation’. It was founded by Lance Armstrong who was a cancer survivor and a professional cyclist. The color of the very first wristband by Livestrong was Yellow which helped to raise the fund of almost $5 million for this cancer foundation. To date today, almost 70 million Livestrong wristbands had been sold and all of them are made out of silicone material.

Use of Rubber Wristbands as a Fundraiser

Use of Rubber Wristbands as a Fundraiser

Rubber wristbands which are to be used for the fundraising purpose are known by so many other names. This includes awareness bracelets, or fundraising wrist bands, as well as fundraising silicone bracelets. You can either choose with simple wristbands or you can also opt to make it add up with some printing work which can be printed or embossed with the organization’s name, logo, or motto.

The two main uses of wearing rubber wristbands are:

  • Although these bands are not pricey at all still it will contribute to the minimum suggested donation.
  • Wearing these bands will also build some awareness related to some cause or issue. This will also enable the people to remember that cause for a long time.

Not just the large organizations, but the use of rubber wristbands has been extremely common by the small companies as well. If you will purchase it in a bulk amount, then it is obvious that you will receive them in an affordable amount.

What are the important benefits of rubber wristbands?

  • They are non-allergic and flexible. They are customized for the special cause for your benefit. This will allow the person to wear it all the time. They are not just beautiful but at the same time, they are safe as well. You will find them non-allergic and yet harmless for the skin.
  • Plus they are also cost-effective as compared to the rest of the fashion accessories available for wrist use. As they are affordable, therefore, you can also use them by matching them with your outfit. This will allow all the non-profit organizations or event organizers can get them to fully promote their campaigns.
  • Besides, they are helpful to serve various purposes where it is used by business owners of the fashion brands for fundraising purposes. Hence these rubber bracelets can be used to promote various things. Various event organizers also use these wrist-wears as a source of safety tool or the entry ticket.
  • You can also customize the whole wristband so you can add it with some personal touch. Add it with your favorite color or print a personal message engraved on them.
  • Lastly, unlike most traditional bracelets, one can easily get the rubber wristbands online. You do have a choice where you can make the design of their choice by using a color or any of the wristband type they like.

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