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Important Benefits of Using Custom Bulk Silicone Bracelets for Events

Silicone wristbands are even known as silicone bracelets or silicone bands. The use of bulk silicone bracelets has been extremely popular when it comes to awareness campaigns or product promotion. They are equally responsible to perform some fundraising events as well. For some people, it is becoming a cost-effective and basic fashion accessory among teenagers. Imprinting the logo on the bracelets are helpful to serve various purposes to enhance the overall guest experience. Do you want to know what else benefits it offers? Let’s have a look at few basic and common benefits of silicone bracelets for events: Benefits of Using Custom Bulk Silicone Bracelets for Events Brilliant Replacement for the Traditional Tickets We all know that the trend of using traditional paper tickets has been long gone which is now replaced by the use of silicone bracelets. For the use of events, you can also opt for digital passes as well. Apart from the check-in tickets, these all rubber bracelets come out to be so many fashionable souvenirs for the guests or attendees. The best thing about these bracelets is that they are easy to customize at cost-effective prices. There are various online stores from where you can get […]

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A Quick Guide on Colors of Awareness Ribbon & Its Meanings

If we talk about the healthcare sector, the use of awareness ribbons has been extremely common. You can use various colors of awareness ribbon to create a sense of awareness and public know-how related to different health conditions, medical illnesses, or various other issues. The whole world especially the US, Canada, UK, and Australia has been using awareness ribbons at a vast level. Now you might be thinking what is the purpose of including awareness ribbons with various colors and what does each color means. Let’s clear your mind and highlight the meaning of each color used for custom awareness ribbons wristbands: Red The red color ribbon is used for raising awareness and show some support for the patients of AIDS/HIV. You can also the same color ribbon for patients with heart stroke, substance abuse, and much more. Blue Blue is another most common color which is used to show extensive support for child abuse and prevention. This ribbon color also represents anti-bullying, or sex slavery awareness, as well as addiction recovery awareness. Orange The orange color awareness ribbon is used for the diseases which are associated with leukemia and multiple sclerosis. Some of the people also prefer to wear this for supporting

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The Need of Colorful Rubber Bracelet Fundraiser for a Social Cause

Today, you will find millions of people who prefer to wear bracelets and wristbands just to show their concern towards a social cause. Being a responsible citizen, it is extremely important to take part in some social causes and spread awareness among common people. The first wristband which was created for fundraising purposes was the Livestrong wristband for the cancer foundation known as the ‘Lance Armstrong Foundation’. It was founded by Lance Armstrong who was a cancer survivor and a professional cyclist. The color of the very first wristband by Livestrong was Yellow which helped to raise the fund of almost $5 million for this cancer foundation. To date today, almost 70 million Livestrong wristbands had been sold and all of them are made out of silicone material. Use of Rubber Wristbands as a Fundraiser Rubber wristbands which are to be used for the fundraising purpose are known by so many other names. This includes awareness bracelets, or fundraising wrist bands, as well as fundraising silicone bracelets. You can either choose with simple wristbands or you can also opt to make it add up with some printing work which can be printed or embossed with the organization’s name, logo, or

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Here Are 10 Ways How Customized Silicone Wristbands Can Help You

Here Are 10 Ways How Customized Silicone Wristbands Can Help You

What are Customized Silicone Wristbands? As its name suggests that Silicone Wristbands are inexpensive wrist accessories and are hugely popular across the globe.  Everyone loves to wear the silicone bracelets irrespective of age, caste, and creed. Though it was famous across the globe it went viral after well-known cyclist Lance Armstrong started to wear his Customized Silicone Wristbands for awareness. Currently, these cheap custom wristbands are virally popular all across the world. This is because you can customize them and use rubber bracelets for a cause as per your requirements. These wristbands are incredibly versatile bracelets and you can use them in a number of ways. Practically, any color to choose from and embossed or printed with customizable text with the help of RFID technology. Arguably, you can use these wristbands for conveying a particular message by selecting the type, color, and message as per your criteria. Have listened to a number of stories when a student gets missing on a school trip event. In such scenarios, these wrist bands are very helpful and yielding. If students are provided with wristbands with written names, addresses, and contact numbers, missing students can easily rejoin or reunite the rest of the fallows. Marketing and Promotions

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Why People Buy Rubber Bracelets In Bulk

Custom Rubber Wristbands In Bulk Commonly known as Silicone bracelets, rubber wristbands have been trending for the last two decades for several reasons. Usually, individuals and organizations buy or produce these rubber wristbands in bulk for various causes, fundraisers, events, and charities. The increasing popularity of this accessory is due to its low cost of production making it the most ideal way to support different drives without spending a fortune. Additionally, they can get produced in various colors, designs, and styles to suit everyone. For these reasons, they have become popular and more uses have gotten invented. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about silicone wristbands. Types of Rubber Wristbands There are several types of silicone wristband which usually differ from one another based on the method used to engrave the personalized text. 1. Debossed The Debossed silicone wristbands involve engraving text into the surface using laser carving. For this reason, they are the most economical rubber wristbands to produce in bulk.  Laser carving makes the accessories more durable. 2. Embossed The text for the embossed bracelets gives it a 3D effect since the text gets printed on the surface, unlike the debossed ones which get

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10 Ways Uses of Custom Silicone Bracelets

Applications Of Custom Silicone Bracelets Custom Silicone Bracelets are a sort of band manufactured from 100% silicone. It is a blend of Indian rubber and artificial plastic polymer. It’s almost plastic but continues to be still twist-able, making it a lot more compelling. Silicon Bracelets are usually used for awareness purposes to achieve people recognition for their products, campaigns, and charity events. They are also called awareness bands or bracelets. Silicone Bracelets are incredibly versatile bracelets with numerous distinctive uses -without any restrictions. You can’t even imagine how useful they can be, be it for awareness or a crisis. According to an adage, people were accustomed to wearing Silicone bracelets to get rid of their bad habits. Whenever their eyes landed on their wrists, it reminded them of their faults and helped them become a much better person. As a result, they were also called good luck bracelets. As time glided by, its significance has also changed from being a good luck charm to an adjunct. During this day and age, their purpose has drastically changed. Charity organizers used them for awareness purposes and fundraising. On the other hand, Silicone Bracelets function as an excellent tool for promotional purposes for

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